Woodley Chimney Repair

If you have cracked or crumbling mortar around your chimney, or water damage caused by leaks, you need an expert chimney repair specialist in Woodley RG5 to have a look.

Our chimney repair services in Woodley RG5 include:

  • Chimney re-pointing
  • Chimney re-building
  • Chimney pot replacement
  • Chimney pot repairs
  • Lead flashing work
  • Installation of pots, cowls and birdguards

Whether your chimney has storm damage, frost damage or is simply in need of some careful restoration, here at Titan Roofers, we have the experience and expertise to complete your chimney repairs to the highest possible standards.

Chimney Repairs in Woodley
Chimney Experts in Woodley

Local Chimney Repair Experts Woodley

At Titan Roofers, our qualified and skilled chimney repair specialists in Woodley RG5 have years of experience working with a wide range of chimneys, from domestic to commercial and industrial. We have a team of experts who can provide free advice to ensure that you receive the best possible service for your chimney repair needs.

No matter what type of chimney you have or what repair work is needed, our specialists are equipped to handle it. Our goal is to provide you with reliable and high-quality Woodley chimney repair services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Trust our team at Titan Roofers to get your chimney back in top shape. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our chimney repair specialists in Woodley RG5 and experience our exceptional service for you.

Lead Flashings & Leadwork Specialists Woodley

Leadwork is a common element in old and new buildings and requires experienced and knowledgeable installers to use it correctly and understand how lead needs to breathe and flex.

Leadwork has been used in the industrial, commercial and domestic building industry for decades and has been used on roofs and chimneys across Woodley on a wide variety of properties such as:

  • Churches
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Public buildings
  • Homes
Lead Flashing in Woodley

Leadwork in Woodley is commonly used on:

  • Chimneys
  • Roofs
  • Lead Roof Replacement
  • Roof Flashings
  • Lead Gullies

Leadwork joints must allow for thermal movement and be watertight wherever they are used. It’s important to get your leadwork installed by a professional to ensure no damage is caused to your property by letting water through the leadwork. Titan Roofers has many years of experience in the roofing trade and working with leadwork, so we can ensure any leadwork is installed and maintained to the highest possible standards.

Speak to our Woodley team of Chimney Repair experts today on 0118 373 5932

Chimney Stack Removal in Woodley

Chimney stack removal is a precise undertaking involving the dismantling and elimination of unused or deteriorating chimney structures. Whether driven by functional obsolescence, safety concerns, or architectural considerations, this process demands careful planning and expertise.

Beginning with a thorough assessment and obtaining any necessary permits, the removal progresses through strategic deconstruction and potential reinforcement of load-bearing elements.
Once the stack is removed, the opening is sealed, and the surrounding area is tidied.

Relying on skilled professionals for chimney stack removal ensures a methodical and secure procedure that can enhance both the property's safety and visual appeal.

Lead Flashing in Woodley

Why choose Titan Roofers for your chimney repairs in Woodley?

Most of our work comes from recommendation by existing customers, which is a testament to our level of service and workmanship.

Our clients benefit from a skilled workforce with a track record of integrity and professionalism and all our chimney repair services are of high quality and cost effective.

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With public liability insurance, competitive prices, and our guarantees, we remain the preferred chimney repair experts in Woodley.

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You can rely on our expertise and professionalism when it comes to quality chimney repair solutions.

  • Qualified and experienced roofers
  • All work guaranteed
  • No call out charges
  • Competitive local pricing
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Why choose Titan Roofers? Happy Chimney Repairs customers!

Whether it's a single tile or a whole new roof, some new brickwork or fixing a damp problem, Titan Roofers's business is built on satisfying our customers and producing great results.

Our reliable, trustworthy, and professional team of specialists has over 30 years of experience and our work and materials have a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee.

You really can rely on our expertise and professionalism and that's why we remain the preferred local roofers in Woodley.

Mr & Mrs K – Winnersh

We had a problem with damp in the corner of the lounge in our cottage. I contacted Titan Roofers via the website and James came out to take a look and advised the best way to make a lasting fix. His quote was a lot less than the other two we got, so we booked Titan Roofers in and they came out the following week. The work was done quickly and professionally and we can now relax over the winter knowing that the mould won’t come back.

Keith – Reading

After three horrible winters and two companies failing to sort the problem, Titan Roofers have proved that not all roofing companies are useless! The flat roof on our garage-conversion leaked during bad weather and nobody seemed to be able to (or want to) fix it. Titan Roofers arrived to quote when they said they would, rang up a week earlier than they were booked in to do the job to say they could start early if we wanted and were very professional during what turned to to be a slightly more complicated job than at first thought. Despite the hidden complication, we weren’t charged any more than the quote and the roof is truly water-tight now. Overall we are very very impressed, if you need you roof fixed by a trustworthy company then give Titan Roofers a call.

Paul & Julia – Lower Earley

Titan Roofers saved my bass guitar collection! Last month we had a particularly strong downpour in the late afternoon and when I walked into my upstairs studio I found the ceiling sagging and water dripping from the light fitting. Remembering that my friend had had his roof looked at recently and was impressed with the company who did it, I gave him a call and he gave me Titan Roofers‘s number. They answered immediately and sent someone out to look within the hour. He went into the loft, had a look and suggested that the leak was probably due to broken ridge tiles and old/missing mortar. As the weather wasn’t due to be bad overnight, he said it could wait until the next day but put a tarpaulin in the roof above the studio just incase – good job too … it did rain that night and the tarpaulin did its job! The Titan Roofers team arrived at 9 the next morning, replaced the entire row of ridge tiles and provided a quote to fix the ceiling in the studio. They’re due back to do that very soon and I’ll be recommending them to everyone. Thank you team Titan Roofers, you ROCK!

T Chamsworth – Wokingham

I gave Titan Roofers a call to look at the pointing on our gable end, which had perished over the years. David had a good look, advised the best way to proceed and gave me a quote there and then. Whilst it wasn’t our cheapest quote, I went with Titan Roofers because I felt David really knew what he was talking about and I could trust him. Titan Roofers repaid that trust with a superb job – there was minimal upheaval during the works, the team was courteous and friendly and tidied up so well that unless you look at the brickwork itself, you’d never know they’d been. Thank you Titan Roofers!

Mr Browning – Reading

Fantastic service – A few tiles blew off my roof in last week’s storm. I called Titan Roofers, they came to take a look that same morning and were up on the roof the next day fixing two of the original tiles back into place and putting a couple of new ones in to replace those that broke. The bill was extremely reasonable given the emergency call-out and speed at which the work was done … If you need your roof fixing, these are the guys to do it! Highly, highly recommended.

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